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Our largest clear trash bags, these enormous 95 Gal. can liners are perfect for extra-large rollaway garbage cans. At this size, they’re popular in commercial settings and warehouses and are also a great choice for the large-scale cleanups that come after big special events. They’re great for both indoor and outdoor use, and thanks to the clarity of the plastic, these bags are very popular for storage uses. Made from the best low-density resins, they are 2 mils thick and can hold out against punctures even when filled with yard trimmings or other sharp trash. Featuring a reinforced gusset seam for extra flexibility.


  • 68 in. x 61 in. bags with 95 – 96 gal. capacity
  • Made from high-grade polyethylene for enhanced durability
  • A gusset-sealed bag holds trash conveniently without any leakage


  • Brand: Plasticplace
  • Dimensions: 61″W x 68″H
  • Trash and Recycling Product Type: Trash Bag/Liner
  • Closure: Tie
  • Packaging: Case
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Volume: 95 Gallons
  • Pack Size: 50 ct.
  • Usage Type: Outdoor Trash Cans
  • Color: Clear