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  • Auto Empty Base: After cleaning, the Luna intelligently navigates back to the Auto Empty Base to automatically empty the dustbin contents and recharge. The bag lined bin holds weeks worth of debris so you don’t have to!
  • PowerMop Scrub: Innovative scrubbing technology ensures it agitates and cleans stubborn spills with vibrating mopping technology.
  • HomeMap 2.0: Front Laser Technology scans your Floor Plan and allows for customized cleaning. Set Virtual Boundaries to avoid areas when Vacuuming and Mopping or Both. Set Rooms to clean specific areas in your home. Accurate cleaning cleans row by row and ensures the Luna does not miss a spot!
  • Dual Action Wet/Dry: Vacuum and Mop simultaneously with the 2-in-1 tank. Debris is stored in the dry compartment as the mop follows with a wet pass. Set your desired water flow and the electronically controlled tank handles the rest.
  • Connected Convenience: Connect Nova to Wi-Fi for voice and app control when you want it. Use the iHome Clean App to manage Luna from anywhere and connect to Google Assistant to control your AutoVac by voice.
  • Ultra Strong Suction: Hyper Drive Plus with 2700pa suction power handles fine dust, stubborn dirt, pesky dirt hair and more. Hyper Drive automatically engages when Nova detects carpet for optimal cleaning.


  • Brand: iHome