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  • The 2-pack of HART 20V 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery is an excellent addition, or start to, any DIYer’s HART tool collection. 
  • This battery is compatible with all HART 20V power tools.
  • It features Lithium-Ion technology to give you long-lasting and fade-free power to get you through any project you decide to take on. 
  • This battery is designed to be compact and lightweight for more maneuverability and while reducing user fatigue.
  • This kit includes a HART 20V Brushed Pruning Saw. 
  • The HART 20V 8″ Brushed Pruning Saw’s lightweight and compact design is perfect for precise trimming of limbs and branches.
  • The HART 20V Brushed Pruning Saw provides a maximum cutting diameter of 6” – which is perfect for pruning small branches and limbs.
  • The HART 20V Brushed Pruning Saw does not require bar & chain oil for operation, providing ultimate user convenience in not needing to purchase oil.
  • The HART 20V Brushed Pruning Saw’s rear comfort grip provides enhanced user comfort during extended periods of use.


  • Brand: Hart