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  • Goes The Distance: Offers 3 stages for up to 10 years of use (4 to 120 lb) – Infant + Convertible + Booster
  • Instant Peace-Of-Mind: Even when you can’t see your child, SensorSafe – Alerts you of four potentially unsafe conditions in the car. Unexpected unbuckling, unsafe temperature, the child is left unattended, and the child is seated too long (no subscription needed)
  • Rock-Solid Installation: EasyClick – Easily ratchets to give you a 3x tighter installation than the competition in less than 60 seconds.


  • Brand: Evenflo Gold
  • Dimensions: 20.00 x 20.00 x 27.00 Inches
  • Weight: 24.9 lbs
  • Color: Moonstone Gray